Costa Careyes has 8 miles of private coastline and many nearby beaches ideal for surfing.  To the north, approximately 20 minutes away, is Chamela, Mexico. Chamela  offers easy waves ideal for long boarding and paddle boarding.  Further north is Chalacatepec, Mexico, approximately 45 minutes away from Costa Careyes. This adventure includes about 20 km of dirt road. Chalacatepec offers waves of diverse size depending on the time of the year and swell.

20 minutes south of Careyes is Arroyo Seco, Mexico, a secret village that offers superb lefts and rights. Surf lessons, guided day trips and rentals are offered there by Cristianos Surf School.

For those who wish to chase bigger waves, overnight trips further south to Ticla, Michoacan, Mexico may also be organized.

Luxury surfing can happily be arranged by our concierge staff. Please contact  Prices of rentals, classes etc., upon request. We strongly suggest guests rent a 4 wheel drive and bring their boards.

Climate/Water Temperature

Costa Careyes has a dry season (Nov- May) and a wet season (June-Oct). One should not be deterred from traveling to Costa Careyes during the “wet season”, since most days are fair with occasional afternoon and/or evening thunderstorms. Also, it is the best season for surfing, as the storms affect the ocean in forming bigger waves. The dry season, or “summer” (November-April), offers beautiful, sunny conditions, but typically has more wind, especially from January through March.