Arte Careyes is a Mexican and Latin American Film festival which includes music and contemporary art. It is hosted on an annual basis in Costa Careyes, Mexico and is by invitation only.

It began in 2010 with the impetus to assemble and exhibit contemporary Mexican talent in an iconic scenery such as Costa Careyes, with the purpose of building an experimental space where the international community of Careyes and guests from all over the world could discover and concur with creative minds of different artistic expressions.

The idea gave birth to what is today a cultural festival that promotes the artistic content of three main disciplines – film, music and contemporary art – in a multidiscipline platform that supports young and emerging talent.

The tenth edition of the festival was presented in a week long format from March 18 - 24, 2019 and it included:

  • 6 day intensive film only program

  • International music day

  • New art schedule featuring a gallery crawl in Villas, rather than in traditional galleries

  • Artists exhibition in the Careyes Art Space

  • Emerging art in the loft in the Plaza

  • Charity auction designed to collect funds by selling a collection of unique experiences of all kinds