Much like the communal plaza of a traditional Mexican village, Plaza de los Caballeros del Sol serves as the cultural center of Costa Careyes.

Various art pieces permanently grace the generous alfresco square: an obelisk tipped with reflective tiles at it’s point rises from the center of the Plaza, while a modern rendition of Our Lady of Guadalupe presides over the square in the Contemplation Garden above it. The Plaza contains the following physical gathering spaces and businesses:

  • The Square

  • The Careyes Art Space

  • The ?! Careyes Foundation

  • La Coscolina Restaurant

  • A permanent outdoor screen

  • The Contemplation Garden

  • Punto.Como Restaurant

  • Made in Careyes Boutique

  • Indigo Boutique

  • VideoSala

  • The Careyes Centro

  • A large covered dining space sits just opposite the permanent projection screen

  • 2 Large Lofts

Mornings and afternoons in the Plaza are spent mingling over light breakfasts and lunches at La Coscolina before shopping for local wares in ‘Made in Careyes’ and at Indigo. After nightfall, the Plaza is illuminated by nature and art documentaries, which loop continuously on the large permanent screen, while guests enjoy alfresco cocktails and dinner at Punto.Como. Others stroll though the Careyes Art Space to view the work of its current resident artist or view special screenings in VideoSala.


A carefully curated selection of art and nature screenings are aired in the Plaza del los Caballeros del Sol on a weekly basis. Arte Careyes, the prestigious Mexican and Latin American Film festival, the infamously extravagant Chinese New Year celebration, and a variety of other invitation only music and cultural events are hosted by the Resort in the Plaza on an annual basis.


As part of the "Contemporary Art and Community" program, the Careyes Foundation Board carefully curates the Mexican and internationally renowned artists for its residency program. Each resident artist is granted an exhibition in the Careyes Art Space. In addition to exhibiting in a residency, each artist collaborates with the children of a specific local village nearby. For more information about the Careyes Foundation, visit or visit us on Facebook


Plaza de los Caballeros del Sol is an ideal place in which to host gatherings, screenings and premieres. It can be rented in its entirety or by the smaller spaces that comprise it for private events. The projector and permanent screen may be rented, as well. Please contact our events department for more information: Costa Careyes considers a private event a group of 20ppl or more.