Costa Careyes is an exclusive luxury private estate resort comprised of Ocean Castles, Private Villas, Casitas and Bungalows. It is located in Costalegre on the Mexican Pacific beaches of the south coast of Jalisco, Mexico. Founded by Gian Franco Brignone in 1968, this continuously family owned and operated unique private beach resort combines the sensuality of the Mediterranean with a unique architecture and the hospitableness of Mexico. The community in Costa Careyes is equally as important, beautiful and colorful as the place itself. Eccentric, elegant, educated, multi lingual and generally fascinating, they are all characters. Likewise, are the guests who are compelled to visit this most magical land. Careyes’ specific combination of natural beauty, architecture and sybaritic lifestyle, make it one of the world's most coveted destinations among the cognoscenti. 


Not only a land of natural wonders, Costa Careyes, Mexico is also a place of spiritual ones, as well. Cosmic art installations of almost astronomical size play equally with the land and light. Legend has it the pristine stretch of beach on which they sit, are where the gods once gathered and creation began. If the myth of Playa Teopa were not other worldly enough, Costa Careyes, Mexico is also the resting place of its own meteor.  


La Copa Del Sol

Gian Franco Brignone, the founder of Costa Careyes, dreamt of a man and a woman united by the cosmos while bathed in the light of the setting sun. In 2006, the manifestations of his dream were created. Majestically perched on a cliff overlooking Playa Teopa, La Copa del Sol, which represents the woman, rises 35 feet from its base and is over 88 feet in diameter.  Equally an acoustic and visual marvel, it catches and cups the sun.

The Piramidion

The Piramidion, which represents the man, is tucked inside of a cave a mile inland from La Copa. Aligned in such a way that the sun appears to set into La Copa while illuminating the Piramidion.  These structures unite, just as in the dream, on the equinoxes of March and September.

El Centro Del Universe

As the cave sheltering the Piramidion was being excavated, dozens of ancient stones pulled from the depths of the mountain accumulated. Deemed sacred, they now spiral into El Centro de Universo at the top of Cabeza del Indio. El Centro del Universe is accessible by a 40minute guided hike known as, “Camino de la Vida”.   

All of the wonders of Costa Careyes can be toured and/or reserved for private events. Please contact  for tour and for private event information.